Saturday, May 28, 2022


Image-George Hurff

George R. Hurff  1822-1904


In response to a general invitation sent to members of the Hurff family, the first reunion was held at Alcyon Park, near Pitman, Gloucester County, New Jersey on August 31, 1904

The object as stated in the minutes being to trace the family genealogy and to unite the family more closely by meeting togeather.

The first officers elected were Thomas W. Hurff, Woodbury, president; Dr. Joseph E. Hurff, Blackwood, secretary; and W. Burris Hurff, assistant secretary. alist of those attending this first meeting contains 180 names and it was decided to hold a reunion and business meeting on the last Wednesday of August, the following year.


The Annual Reunion of the descendants of Johannes Balthaser Harff has been held each year and is currently held in September of each year in Southern New Jersey.  (see Meetings)